La Femme Physio



Claire has been wonderful in helping me and my body recover post the birth of my daughter. Each session saw huge improvements. Claire gives exercises each session as homework, these were completely manageable with a new baby. I was amazed during pregnancy what my body could do, post birth I'm just as amazed at how quickly it can recover but that's only thanks to Claire's guidance.

— Alex


Claire is an amazing physio. She helped me manage & treat Pelvic Girdle Pain when I was 28 weeks pregnant, ultimately helping significantly ease symptoms so I did not suffer the condition for long & was symptom free for labour. Having a specialist physio come to your home is a game changer - Claire helped me manage treatments around a very busy work schedule & being treated at home meant I did not need to travel with an uncomfortable condition. She is very responsive, providing advice & counsel in follow up to sessions as needed. I am now seeing her for Mummy MoT support postnatally, which I cannot recommend enough.

— Madeleine


When I first came to see Claire I was 10 months postpartum, and I sat down and cried. I just didn’t 'feel normal.' I'd worried that something was really wrong. Of course, Googling late at night had led to dramatic self diagnoses, and a bit of a downward spiral of anxiety. Claire was so understanding and really put me at ease. I opened up to her about worries that I'd been internalizing for months. After a few appointments, and working on the plan she devised for me, I am now the proud owner of a significantly stronger pelvic floor and core! And a healthier state of mind to boot! If you've given birth and just don't feel right, no matter how many months or years postpartum, I whole-heartedly recommend making an appointment with Claire!

— Rachel


After I had physio for pelvic pain in my first pregnancy which wasn’t helpful at all, I was sceptical it would help me when I started having similar issues in my second pregnancy. I’m so happy that I followed the advice of a friend though, and went to see Claire - her treatment has made such a difference! Even after the first session I could walk much better and now I’m pain free most of the time. What I appreciated the most was her approach of a thorough assessment to start with in which she explained to me more understandably the causes and treatment options which gave me the trust I needed to start with. She is great at providing practical advice and exercises to do at home to help with the progress. Overall just amazing, I am very grateful and would happily recommend her to everyone.



I came to see Claire after years of struggling with painful sexual intercourse. I was definitely at the end of my tether with the whole situation when I came to see Claire, but she immediately put me at ease and I felt comfortable in her presence straight away. Claire was not the first person I had seen for this 'condition' but she definitely was the first to make me feel completely normal, and not like the whole issue was in my head; something others had done in the past. I had 5 - 6 sessions with Claire, and each one was more helpful than the last! One thing I really enjoyed about the sessions was being able to have open and frank discussions with Claire about how I was feeling, and not once did I feel uncomfortable or judged. I would happily recommend Claire to anyone else going through what I went through; it sounds totally cheesy, but I definitely came out of my last session feeling like a completely new woman!



When my son was a baby I came to see Claire about my pelvic girdle pain. I'd already see a host of specialists and physiotherapists over the course of that year but the treatment I got from Claire was the single most effective treatment I received during that time. Ever since that treatment, my pain was much more manageable and I'm armed with the knowledge to improve and manage my specific symptoms. Thank you!

— Francesca


The recommendation of going to see a women’s physio for a postnatal mot has been the single best piece of advice I’ve had since having a baby. Unfortunately so much of routine postnatal care is focused on the baby & I found there’s very little support on the NHS for new mums with regards to the changes our bodies go through both during pregnancy & postnatally. After the birth of my daughter things just didn’t feel quite right ‘down there’ - I didn’t have any specific symptoms of prolapse or incontinence but I was very aware that things felt different to before & I was constantly worrying about it. I was terrified of exercising & I couldn’t even bear the thought of having sex again! Going to see Claire has completely revolutionised my postpartum recovery- shes really helped me to understand & address the weaknesses in my pelvic floor and get back into exercise safely. There was a point where I’d resigned myself to thinking that my body would never be the same again but 4 months after having my daughter I feel really positive about my body & that’s thanks to Claire."

— Lauren


I contacted Clare after I had had a full hysterectomy.  Her knowledge, expertise, care and thoughtfulness were invaluable to me at a time when I felt vulnerable and unsupported by the National Health Service.  She visited me at home so I could have sessions where I felt most comfortable and relaxed.  Her approach is holistic, looking at the physical, mental and emotional aspects of health; over 5 visits, she provided me with treatment and actively encouraged me to take responsibility for my own recovery by recommending exercises so that I developed my core strength and introduced other practical tools such as mindfulness, diet and natural remedies."

— Maria


During my first pregnancy I experienced really severe left sided low back pain. Claire fairly instantly diagnosed me with a slipped right hand sacroiliac joint and went about in four fairly pain free sessions basically curing me. Claire’s friendly bedside manner and truly magic hands allowed me to 100% get back on the right track and to start to enjoy my pregnancy again. I honestly can’t thank her enough!”

— Fabergé


I was diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder – a condition I was most embarrassed about. When I spoke with Claire I knew she was an expert in her field which gave me immense confidence and comfort in her and the process. She was compassionate and understanding. It was such a relief!  With the treatment I received I do not need surgery at present and she has now given me the ability to function without embarrassment.”

— Lynette


After giving birth I experienced a leaking bladder and I couldn’t control wind which was very embarrassing. Claire recommended a treatment that really worked for me and I am not embarrassed any more. Claire was very sweet, easy to talk to and I could ask all the questions I needed. I strongly recommend all women see Claire after giving birth, and not to wait too long. 

— Rachel


The treatment I have received has been wonderful.  Claire has not only provided sound advice but has created an ‘easy to chat’ approach to somewhat sensitive issues and my symptoms are now gone.  Altogether marvellous and I would highly recommend the treatment to others.

— Caroline


I saw Claire when I was pregnant and started developing severe pelvic pain.  Claire was immediately a welcome source of comfort and expertise.  She helped me with the pain through the pregnancy and even postpartum as well.  I saw definite improvements from seeing her.  Pelvic pain is such a sensitive and personal thing but I felt in very capable and professional hands with Claire!

— Lydia


I saw Claire for physio during my pregnancy. Having had a history of back problems, I was keen to avoid further issues in pregnancy. Thanks to Claire's help, I made it through pregnancy with virtually no back or movement problems. Claire was unfailingly helpful and sensible. She was, of course, the physio who I thought of whenever I was having pain after a very traumatic crash c-section birth. Claire's advice and guidance helped in the resolution of the complex post c-section problems. She was also deeply compassionate and caring in dealing with the aftermath of a seriously traumatic event. As a family, we recommend her highly.

— Angharad



‘Claire brought warmth, dignity and first class expertise to our Pelvic Floor talk. Her wealth of experience and understanding of the female body and the changes it goes through during pregnancy and following birth was totally enlightening and for each individual woman to be brought understanding of their specific issue and the opportunities for recovery and healing they have was gold! We all need to hear this! Thank you Claire and please can we do more!’

— Emma


A brilliant class that I would recommend to friends who are pregnant or not. Just great to understand my body, what changes occur with pregnancy and what I can do to make a difference and regain my ‘six pack’ post birth. The personal attention to me was great. Claire was a world of information. Very informative and certainly someone who knows her stuff. I’m keen for a personal appointment. Thanks.

— Susan


Wowee! Thank you Claire for such a fabulous, fun, information packed class! I learnt more about my pelvic floor in your two hour class than I have done from reading loads of pregnancy/birth and baby books.

— Natalie


I found the course very informative and essential in getting a safe and structured plan to rehabilitate post baby, particularly as I had a C-section. I would not hesitate to recommend the course.

— Jennifer


Essential learning for any postnatal women. I don’t know why this isn’t standard practice! I was worried about pelvic girdle pain so this class has helped a lot. I’m feeling much more confident about another pregnancy now.

— Fransesca


Very helpful exercises and tummy examination. We were all able to express our own personal concerns and have them addressed despite it being a group class. Well worth taking the time to do the session. Extremely helpful on knowing how my body changed after birth and what was safe exercise wise. Having had a third degree tear, the class helped me understand how to get back to normal and what exercises and techniques to do. Very relaxed atmosphere – helped a lot!”

— Barbara


Thanks. I really enjoyed the class. It was the opportunity for me to better understand what changes my body had experienced. I learnt a lot and understood how important it all is. The Pilates exercises were also very useful.”

— Lola


Good format – informal and very informative. Would be good before, in between or after childbirth, in addition to ante-natal classes. Good to be able to ask the questions you really want to know answers to but don’t know who to ask, about the pelvic floor and the consequences of childbirth and pregnancy. Thank you!”

— Katie