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Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy in Surrey and London

I am a specialist chartered Women’s Health Physiotherapist and I am passionate about helping women to achieve optimum health and fitness whatever their stage of life.  Pelvic health problems are incredibly common and will affect most women at some stage in their life. Women’s Health Physiotherapy has been shown to be hugely effective in treating pelvic health issues, allowing women to live their lives free from restrictions. I specialise in the treatment of urogynaecological conditions such as prolapse, urinary urgency, incontinence and pelvic floor problems including vulval pain and sexual discomfort.  I also treat women suffering with back, pelvic and/ or coccyx pain during pregnancy and after giving birth.  

Supporting women back to health postnatally is my passion.  Being half French and a mum myself, I am acutely aware of how much the UK is lagging behind countries like France when it comes to postnatal rehabilitation. All women in France, for example, are entitled to ‘la re-education perineal’ or extensive women’s health physiotherapy for their vaginas postnataly.  By comparison in the UK, the focus is so often on the baby after women give birth and mums are often left on the sidelines. Aside from a quick mention, the pelvic floor is not something women really learn about, despite as many as 1 in 3 women suffering from pelvic floor problems.  Women in the UK get on average one postnatal check with their GP, which is often brief. I believe this needs to change and that seeing a Women’s Health Physiotherapist should be part of healthcare for every woman after giving birth. My own experience of motherhood has emphasised to me quite what a physically demanding role it is right from the out-set.  I believe women need to be thoroughly assessed post baby in order to optimise their safe recovery, achieve better health and wellbeing and optimal function in life and sport.  I aim to help women to successfully rehabilitate after having a baby and bridge them to fitness.

I graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2001 with a degree in Physiotherapy and specialised in Women’s Health Physiotherapy in 2003.  In 2006 I received a Masters level post graduate qualification in Women’s Health Physiotherapy. I’ve worked at London’s leading teaching hospitals, including the Royal Free and University College London hospital, as well as the prestigious Portland Hospital.  Over a five year period I established and developed a successful Women’s Health Physiotherapy clinic at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in London and was the Consulting Physiotherapist in a birth injury clinic at University College London, alongside leading Gynaecologists and consultant midwives.  Referrals to this clinic were nationwide.

After the birth of my two boys I developed La Femme Physio which centers on treating clients in their own homes in (but not exclusive to) Kingston, Teddington, Surbiton, Twickenham, Ham, Hampton, New Malden, Raynes Park and Esher.  I also practice clinics in Kingston upon Thames and in Barnes.

I have published articles in peer review industry journals and have been a visiting lecturer to undergraduate students at the University of East London on Women’s Health Physiotherapy. I am trained in acupuncture and pilates in Women’s Health.  I have completed many post graduate courses including visceral mobilisations, advanced pelvic floor courses, treating female runners and athletes, and I am a recognised Mummy MOT practitioner. I believe in an evidence based, individualised and holistic approach to achieve optimal long term recovery and wellbeing.  

I am a member of the professional network Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy (POGP) as well as a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and a member of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registration number: PH61205